Is this thing on??

Hello, its me, i was wondering if

…i have any viewers out there??? just kidding.  According to my Site Stats, I have at least one (shout out to my mom for being my number one fan)!!! Ever since I started this blog I have had a total of 10 visitors and 21 views. So far, my most popular week has been the week of September 12-18th, I had 2 visitors and 6 views. My most popular post of the year is “IIFYM?”, which has 3 views so far, which isn’t much but is a lot better compared to the 1 view on the rest of my posts (that 1 viewer was probably my mom, hi mom). I think this post has had the most views so far because managing your macros is a always a hot topic in the fitness world and is just interesting to anyone who is looking to get a healthier diet, which is something almost everyone wants. Something I found surprising in the Site Stats data was the fact that I even had any viewers at all. I really didn’t expect to get any views considering I only shared it on my twitter and I am hardly active on my account and don’t even have that many followers. I didn’t get a lot of views what so ever but I had a few and that was more than what I expected so I’m okay with it.

For the most part, I really enjoyed becoming part of the blogging community. It has taught me a lot about not only fitness and health but it has also taught me a lot about how to utilize social media for research and promotional purposes. I think the most effective tool in this blogging experience was learning how to connect my blog to my social media accounts so that I can publish my work for others to see without having to personally tell them to go read my blog. Another tool I think is very useful in the blogging world is how we learned how to check the stats of our blog. It is important to know when most people view your work, and which posts were viewed more so that you can learn what kind of material appeals to your readers better and what time of week and day is best to post at so that you can get more views, because the more views, the more successful your blog is.

Something I want to improve in my blog is the strength of my research and how I break it down to my readers. I feel like for some of my blogs, when I was talking about something new that I had to research, I had a hard time writing out any hard information without sounding too much like a research paper so I left most of the talking for my links to do. I would love to learn how I could do this because I really did enjoy this blogging experience and have discovered that there are people who have careers in blogging and not only does it sound like a fun way to make a living but I would also get to make money while writing, which is one of my favorite things to do, and I would get to write about fitness/health and whatever else I’m passionate about. Hopefully I can learn how to do so from fellow blogger Lilly.


I know this is a long shot but it would truly be a dream come true if I could take this very blog, and build my own little fitness empire from it. I’m sure I’m not the only 20 yr. old girl who dreams of being fit, happy, healthy, living in a nice pair of lulu lemon leggings and blogging about it, and getting paid to do so. On a more realistic end of the spectrum, I can’t life out my fantasy of being a cute little fitness blogger, I could most definitely utilize blogging for my future real estate career. It would help me get connected with other agents on a more casual level and would help me to learn everything there is to know about the business. I could also see myself using the Site Stats Data to tack what most attracts my clients and improve my blogs/advertising based off whatever data I collect.


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